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More About ETC

What We Offer

Health and Wellness including HIV and TB services

Consulting, Training, Health screening, Counselling, Campaigns, Auditing and WellnessWorx (online web based software application to monitor and evaluate health indicators).

ETC is classified as an Exempted Micro-Enterprise (EMEs) thus giving us a ‘level four’ BBBEE status. This status gives us procurement recognition of 100%.

Our Staff

Over the years we have gathered together a sterling team that continuously improves its own knowledge and expertise.

Our Services

• Situational analysis or gap analysis
• KABP Surveys – HIV or Comprehensive Health Risk Survey
• Policy and procedure development
• Strategic and operational planning
• System implementation of SANS 16001

Wellness and or HIV training for:
• Senior management
• Line management
• Peer educators
• Counsellors
• SANS 16001 Implementation
• SANS 16001 Auditing
• Training of cleaners
• Training of first aiders and safety reps with specific regard to SANS 16001
• Induction training with specific regard for SANS 16001

Finger prick:
• HIV, glucose, cholesterol, PSA, Hb,
• BP, BMI (Body mass index), WHR (Waist hip ratio)
• STI, TB, Stress, Anxiety disorder, Depression, Alcohol use

• Weight loss campaign such as ‘lose to win’ or ‘biggest loser’
• Hygiene – hand washing campaign
• Hygiene – responsible cough & sneeze campaign
• Move your body to increase physical activity
• Substance use & abuse – smoking cessation

• Substance use & abuse – alcohol
• Substance use & abuse – drugs
• Addictions that negatively impact on work – porn, internet, cell phones, social media, etc.
• Oral health campaign
• We will develop campaigns on request

Gap audit, internal audit, compliance audit, consultative audit for SANS 16001

The Core Team

Wellness Worx Software

ETC have launched a comprehensive management software solution to create a seamless process in the management of wellness & non-occupationally induced disease in the workplace. It is based on the new South African National Standard (SANS) 16001:2013 which outlines an understanding of, and a way to manage, Wellness and Disease in your workplace.

ETC’s director, Linzi Smith, is a key contributor to the writing of the standard, and with her expertise in the subject, industry and business, has participated in designing this tool to help your business be both pro-actively involved in employee wellness as well as ISO compliant in this respect.

The first component was launched in May 2013, and the successive components will come hot off the press in the coming months.

Our Clients